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Get Your Land Rover Ready For Your Death Valley Drive Through

by Anthony Ortiz

If you're planning a drive through Death Valley this Spring, before it gets too hot, then you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the task. The trip through the desert is a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and your Land Rover is the perfect vehicle for the journey, but you still need to make sure it is properly outfitted and ready for action. So, if you're car has been in the garage for a while, make sure it's ready to go by going over the list below.

New Tires Might Be In Order

You might want to check the tires to see if they are in good shape. While you could always stay on the paved road, many people like to hit the dirt trails and do some sightseeing while they are traveling through the desert. For instance, you might want to check out the ghost town in Beveridge canyon. You need to make sure that your tires have a good tread and also that they are properly inflated. You don't want to get a flat out in the middle of nowhere and be at the mercy of the heat.

Make Sure The Radiator Is Sealed Tight

Death Valley gets its name for a good reason; the place is extremely hot. That means you need to make sure that your cars cooling system is in good shape. If the radiator has any leak, you need to get it replaced. Don't try and hold off on replacing the radiator, you don't want the car overheating while your on the road. So, if there is any sign of a coolant leak, you should bring the truck in to get the radiator replaced.

Extra Gas and Water Cans

The great thing about a Land Rover is that these vehicles have the ability to hold large gas and water cans on the rear doors. You can choose the classic metal Jerry cans that you see on the back of many Land Rovers that travel across Africa or Asia, or you can choose large hard plastic models that some owners prefer. Make sure that you get these gas or water cans from a proper Land Rover vehicle parts dealer. You want them to be designed to fit your truck, and not bounce off while your driving.

You will want to have this extra gas and water on hand because it's very dangerous to run out of either while in the desert.

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