Auto Basics: Troubleshooting and Mechanical Tips

  • Auto Part Replacement Notions

    3 August 2018

    When a part of your car suffers a malfunction, it will often need to be replaced to restore the functionality of the car. Individuals that need to make these repairs may be misled by common notions concerning replacement parts for automobiles. Myth: You Will Always Have To Buy New Replacement Parts It is often assumed that only new parts can be used to repair your vehicle. Yet, used parts can be an economical alternative.

  • 3 Things To Bring When Buying Used Parts At A Salvage Yard

    14 March 2018

    If you are like many people, you might be hoping that you can find a good deal on used parts for your vehicle. After all, this can be a good way to save money when making necessary repairs to your car. There are various places that you can go when shopping for used parts, but one good option is a local salvage yard. These are a few things that you can bring along with you if you want to make buying used parts at a salvage yard as easy as possible.