Auto Basics: Troubleshooting and Mechanical Tips

Check Your Hoses

by Anthony Ortiz

There are a few parts of your car that are out of sight and therefore out of mind. However, many of the parts that you do not think about are the ones that need to be checked regularly. Some of the most vital parts of your car are actually the hoses and lines that allow fluids to flow. If you have a hole in any of the hoses or lines it can cause a problem for you and your car. It is important that the car that you drive is in peak condition or it can be a danger to you and others on the road. If other hoses are damaged it can just make your drive a much more miserable experience. Here are a few hoses that you should have checked regularly.

Air Conditioning Hoses

Many people do not think of air conditioning hoses as a vital part of the vehicle, but anyone that has had to drive a vehicle on a hot day knows that driving a car without air conditioning is not a pleasant experience. You should have your air conditioning hoses checked if you are experiencing any sort of problems with your air conditioning. The good news is that the hoses are relatively inexpensive and can be fixed or replaced by a mechanic in a short amount of time. Do not settle for a hot and miserable drive, you should just fix the problem.

Brake Lines 

Something that many people take for granted is when they push the brake they actually stop. It is not a good feeling to have your brakes slowly start to go out. It is even a worse feeling to all of the sudden lose your brakes. It is very important that you have your brake lines checked at least annually. While it is important to have your brake lines checked, you can also keep an eye out for some of the signs of failing brake hoses. One of the first things that you may notice is that your brakes start to feel very different. There may be more give to your brake when you push down, or the brake may also start to feel mushy. You may start to notice that your brakes are not as effective as they have been. This is a serious problem and you should not hesitate to take your car into the mechanic to get the problem fixed.

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