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Things To Consider When Upgrading To A Coil Over Performance Suspension System

by Anthony Ortiz

Upgrading the suspension system on your car to make it perform better or handle differently opens up a lot of options. Most cars, even sporty ones, have a suspension designed for ride comfort, but if you want something different, you need to consider aftermarket suspension systems. 

Selecting a Suspension System

The suspension system on your car will dictate the ride, the handling, and the performance of the vehicle. Performance systems open up a lot of options for them, but the systems are not all the same. Often they are available with different springs, shocks, and mounts to produce a specific level of performance. Some systems are adjustable and allow several different settings as well. You can tune the suspension to work for you and your driving needs. 

Ride Height Adjustability

When you are looking at suspension systems, one thing you need to consider is the ride height of the car. Some systems lower the car down a lot and for a vehicle driven on the street, it can make navigating bumps and road transition difficult. If the car is a show car or only track driven, you may want to go very low, but check with the manufacturer for the specifications and ride height numbers if you need them. You may also be able to add air bags or an air ride system on the car that will allow you to raise or lower the car as you need to. 

Alignment Adjustment

Altering the suspension system on your car can create some problems with the alignment of the wheels. And if the alignment is off, the vehicle may handle poorly, so it is vital to take the car into an alignment shop after you install any suspension system. Most aftermarket systems allow for adjustment to ensure proper alignment, but if you are not sure the one you are considering does check with a dealer or manufacturer like DriverMod Industries. They will have all the information you need to help make the right choice for your car. 

Street Legal Systems

It is essential that the system you purchase for your car is legal for the street if you are going to drive the car daily. A track only car or a show car does not require a DOT (department of transportation) approval so if you are racing the car and transporting it on a trailer; you don't need to worry about this. Likewise, show cars that are trailered to locations can get away with heavy modification without concerns.