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Adjustments You Must Make To Your Car For Drag And Road Course Racing

by Anthony Ortiz

If you will be engaged in competitive racing with your car, you will want to choose suspension parts based on the type of racing you will be engaging in. For example, you may be engaging in drag racing or you may be engaging in road races. You will need the right suspension parts so that you're sure that your car is ready.

Buy the Right Control Arms

The normal control arms for a car are not designed to handle racing. For that reason, you'll need to use control arms that do not use soft rubber bushings. Rod-ended and bearing-controlled arms are much better than rubber control arms and can better reduce deflection. If you will be performing on a road course, you'll need to use bearing control arms. 

Install the Right Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts are an important part of drag racing. If you do not choose the right damper, you won't be able to drive in a straight line and won't be able to perform well on road courses. The dampers control oscillation. You'll also want a damper that is adjustable rather than one that isn't. You'll want to adjust the damper because all cars are different. You'll be able to adjust the damper so that all of the variables are where they need to be.

Use the Right Type of Springs

Choose springs that will make your car lower. You'll want to lower the center of gravity so that you can reduce the body roll. Always choose softer springs because they will allow the weight to be transferred to your rear wheels. Transferring to the rear wheels will improve traction for your vehicle. 

Add More Anti-Squat

Drag racing has specific requirements that a road course doesn't have. For example, you'll need to add more anti-squat. You need to shorten your instant center. This is the intersection point that is relative to the neutral line. 

One issue with anti-squat is that the body of the car tends to separate from the axle. This can be solved by using the right rebound shock settings. Increasing the rebound for your shocks will reduce the separation between the body and the axle. 

Fortunately, if you're not sure about the type of suspension parts that you need, there are many companies that will not only sell you suspension parts but will help you determine the type of suspension parts that you need. Reach out to a company such as Trick Chassis to learn more.